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Portage Curling Club Fundraising For Wheelchair Ramp

The Portage Curling Club, a volunteer-led 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization, is excited to announce they are raising funds to build an enclosed wheelchair ramp on the exterior of the club. This addition will provide safe and direct access to the ice surface and enables the club to offer adaptive curling opportunities at both a recreational and competitive level to people with mobility issues.

The labor, architectural, and contracting services have been donated and $2,500 has already been raised; an additional $17,500 is needed before the project can begin.

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There are several sponsorship opportunities for your business or organization: naming rights for the addition (1 available), sheet sponsorships (4 available), chair sponsors (20 available), and a donor recognition board. For more information on these sponsorship opportunities, check out the club’s Facebook page, email the club at portagecurlingclub@gmail.com, or call Vietta Kampen at 608-697-6510. Donations can be sent to the Portage Curling Club, PO Box 55, Portage, WI  53901. In-kind donations of building materials would also be welcomed.

Project and Fundraising Details

Goals and Impact

  • Build an enclosed wheelchair ramp on the west side of the curling club that will provide safe and direct access to the ice surface. This is the only option that will meet ADA requirements.
  • Total Project Budget: $26,500
  • Miron Construction: donating labor
  • Midwest Modern: donating architectural and general contracting services
  • $2,500 already raised
  • Obtained city approval for the project
  • Need $17,500 to cover materials, concrete, and permits

The primary goal of this project is to provide safe and direct access to the ice surface in order to offer curling to the disabled community. This enables the Portage Curling Association to offer curling both recreationally and competitively. The club would offer learn-to-curls, practice time, leagues, and bonspiels. Curling camps for the Paralympic athletes and the Veterans organization would also be held. Bids will be placed to hold major events like the US Open Wheelchair Bonspiel, team trials and championships.

The wheelchair curler will have the opportunity to interact with people with similar disabilities. Curling provides a network of people who have become independent, and the time-honored tradition of broom-stacking after practice and competition provides a socialization aspect. Curling opens doors to a variety of competitive opportunities. The disabled curler will learn to push themselves and their teammates to be the best that they can be. The families will also be impacted as they see their loved one meet the challenges of becoming independent. They will network with other families and learn about resources, best practices, respite opportunities, and mental health issues.

There will also be an impact on tourism in the area when the club holds state and national events.


  • February – March – apply for grants and present the project to organizations in the Portage area
  • February – media campaign
  • March – May – share goals with local and state wheelchair sports and rehabilitation organizations
  • April – May – plan review, building permit, bids and contract awarding
  • July – August – Construction
  • Nov – ribbon cutting, learn-to-curl, and bonspiel

Mission Statement
The Portage Curling Association is a volunteer led 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to teaching, developing, and promoting the sport of curling to people of all ages, abilities, and skill levels. The club hosts local, state, and national events throughout the season.